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Compare Flights to Calgary (YYC)

Compare Flights to Calgary (YYC)

Travelling to Calgary

Nicknamed “Cowtown” due to the annual Calgary Stampede and huge summer rodeo, Calgary is a busy, cosmopolitan city in Canada’s Alberta Province that draws in many visitors each year. Choose Hainan Airlines for your flight to Calgary and enjoy our comfortable, spacious seating and in-flight entertainment on one of our young and modern aircraft.

Spending Time in Calgary

Reach the heights from the iconic Calgary Tower. Built of steel and concrete, this 190-metre tower features a 360-degree observation deck that rotates every 45 minutes, offering a bird’s-eye view of the city.

Your family will enjoy riding the Alberta Prairie Railway, spending the day travelling through the picturesque countryside all the way to Big Valley. There you will dine at the Lone Star Saloon, and along the way you’ll enjoy the on-board entertainment.

Dinosaur aficionados of every age can drop into the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, which showcases one of the world’s biggest collections of dinosaur skeletons.

Calgary Travel Tips

Alberta air is dry and desert-like, especially in the winter, so contact lens wearers are advised to use eye drops. Also, carry extra skin cream for your hands and legs when visiting in the winter! Book Hainan Airlines for your flight to Calgary and enjoy our delicious in-flight cuisine.

Weather in Calgary

-8 °C 25/10/2020
-1 °C 26/10/2020
3 °C 27/10/2020
1 °C 28/10/2020
4 °C 29/10/2020
4 °C 30/10/2020
8 °C 31/10/2020
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