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Compare Flights to Dalian (DLC)

Compare Flights to Dalian (DLC)

Travelling to Dalian

Dalian is a modern port city on the Liaodong Peninsula. Founded by the Russians in 1898, it is easy to see the Russian influence on the city’s architecture. Originally named Dalniy, the city famously became the southern tip of the Trans-Siberian Railway as well as the main port of the Eastern Russian Empire. Enjoy your journey in comfort when you book your flights to Dalian with Hainan Airlines.

Best of Dalian

Dalian is a very popular holiday destination with its mix of interesting museums, pretty parks, vibrant port area, beautiful beaches and a coastline that extends over 1900 kilometres. Some of the city’s attractions include Lushun Port, Laohutan Scenic Park, People's Square, Xinghai Square and Shengya Aquarium and Ocean World, with over 200 exotic fish. Its two main beaches, Xinghai and Tiger Beach, attract many visitors in the summer months. Dalian is also a shopper’s paradise with plentiful shopping complexes, including those at Heping Square, Shengli Square and, on a smaller scale, Dacai Market. Stroll down 100-year-old Tianjin Street to see the Russian architectural influence.

Dalian Travel Tips

Don’t miss out on Dalian’s local specialities, rich in delicate shell carvings, intricate embroidery and colourful glasswork. For the ultimate experience in comfort and safety, book your Hainan Airlines flights to Dalian today.

Weather in Dalian

17 °C 26/10/2020
12 °C 27/10/2020
15 °C 28/10/2020
14 °C 29/10/2020
13 °C 30/10/2020
16 °C 31/10/2020
15 °C 01/11/2020
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