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Compare Flights to Moscow (MOW)

Compare Flights to Moscow (MOW)

Travelling to Moscow

No matter the season or the hour of the day, Moscow is an exciting source of artistry, history and majesty. Whether you’re retracing history in the Kremlin, the founding site of the city, or marvelling at the ornate grandeur of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, you’re sure to leave enriched and invigorated.

What to Do in Moscow

  • Head to the centre of Russian political power on the north bank of Moskva River, the infamous Kremlin – the office of tsars, tyrants and, more recently, presidents.
  • Explore Gorky Park, a deep urban jungle infused with culture and leisure, designed by avant-garde architect Konstantin Melnikov.
  • Stroll across the cobblestoned Red Square, alongside the high walls of the Kremlin, and enjoy an enchanting view of Saint Basil’s Cathedral.
  • Visit Lenin’s Mausoleum, where the embalmed leader’s body has rested at the foot of the Kremlin wall since 1924.
  • Enjoy the ballet and opera at the stunning Bolshoi Theatre – a romantic six-tier auditorium with a wonderful atmosphere.

Moscow Travel Tips

Most travellers say that the best time to book your Moscow flights for is summer, and visas are required by all. The Moscow metro is cheap and efficient, but sometimes busy during peak periods. Taxis need to be booked by a mobile phone app that alerts an official agency. You could also travel by bicycle, which is a much more pleasant way to get around, courtesy of the Velobike bike-share program.

Weather in Moscow

13 °C 30/09/2020
17 °C 01/10/2020
16 °C 02/10/2020
16 °C 03/10/2020
16 °C 04/10/2020
16 °C 05/10/2020
13 °C 06/10/2020
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