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Compare Flights to Prague (PRG)

Compare Flights to Prague (PRG)

Travelling to Prague

Some say Prague equals Paris in terms of beauty. Not only is this city rich in history, but it also boasts some of the best beer in Europe. The city flourished after the 1989 Velvet Revolution freed the Czechs and today it enjoys a very healthy tourist industry, with many visitors gathering to enjoy the view from Charles Bridge, which is made of 14th-century stone.

What to Do in Prague

  • Every visitor finds themselves on Charles Bridge, a 500-metre fairground, lined with baroque statues and peopled by tourists, hawkers and buskers. It’s best to visit at dawn for the most serene, breath-taking views of the city.
  • Plucked from a fairy-tale, Prague Castle overlooks the surrounding buildings and looms beautifully over the left bank of the Vltava, crowded with spires, towers and palaces.
  • Explore the quiet Strahov Library, a monastic library with gorgeous baroque halls and plenty of other historical curiosities.
  • The St. Vitus Cathedral, built over 600 years, sits at the heart of religious and cultural life in the Czech Republic.
  • Visit Prague Jewish Museum and enjoy the monuments in Josefov, which include a cemetery, synagogues and a ceremonial hall, all of which are still in use.

Prague Travel Tips

When you book your flights to Prague with Hainan Airlines, remember that summer (April to June) is a great time to go. Christmas is also very popular, although hotel rates tend to drop in other months and you can escape the bustle.

Weather in Prague

13 °C 25/10/2020
12 °C 26/10/2020
11 °C 27/10/2020
10 °C 28/10/2020
12 °C 29/10/2020
11 °C 30/10/2020
12 °C 31/10/2020
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