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Compare Flights to Tel Aviv (TLV)

Compare Flights to Tel Aviv (TLV)

Travelling to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv lies on the Mediterranean coast of Israel and is considered to be the vibrant and modern alternative to Jerusalem. If the cosmopolitan city appeals to you, then book your flights to Tel Aviv with Hainan Airlines for spacious and comfortable seats and a world of film and music available to you via our in-flight entertainment.

What to Do in Tel Aviv

  • Spend a day in Jaffa Old City, which is full of exciting architecture and buzzing flea markets which provide a unique glimpse into the history of the city.
  • Pay a visit to the Palmach Museum and learn all about the history of the young people who fought to bring Israel to life.
  • Visit the colourful neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek and explore the narrow streets and trendy shops and restaurants.

Travel Tips for Tel Aviv

Take time to wander around the city as there are plenty of hidden gems to discover. Renting a green Tel-O-Fun bicycle can be one of the best and cheapest ways to get around the city at your own pace, soaking up all the culture and sights to be seen along the way. If this trendy city has captured your interest, fly to Tel Aviv with Hainan Airlines in safety, comfort and style.

Weather in Tel Aviv

29 °C 25/10/2020
28 °C 26/10/2020
27 °C 27/10/2020
27 °C 28/10/2020
27 °C 29/10/2020
27 °C 30/10/2020
27 °C 31/10/2020
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